Hi! My name is Stephen Hodgkiss and this site hopefully will provide you an insight into me as a person and what I am involved in with my business life.

stephen hodgkissI am the Chief Engineer and also one of the original founding members of MarketHive, which is the most advanced suite of Inbound Marketing tools and also incorporates an amazing evolutionary superior Social “Neural” Network.

MarketHive is built for the little guy and gal, small business and entrepreneurs. Incorporating the ability to build dynamic symbiotic sales and marketing teams, we call a Social Neural Network; we have also incorporated into this innovative platform, turnkey portals within the back office infrastructure for the super majority of the DSA market top companies.

So the short story is we have melded together a dynamic solution for DSA companies to work with, empowering their distributors within the back office of MarketHive, with all the most advanced marketing systems and technologies.

If you would like to gain access to all these tools for free, then simply take a look at my profile page at Markethive

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